Charity No. 1144329

Surrey Search & Rescue

Medical Team

Surrey Search and Rescue trains all its members to a level of first aid appropriate for finding an unwell or injured individual in a remote location. Further to that, we have a local doctor who acts as our medical officer, a nurse, a number of advanced first aiders and community first responders. We don’t want to neglect some of our key team members, and so we have canine first aiders too.

We carry medical equipment to perform basic lifesaving treatment at the scene, and have the necessary kit to splint, immobilize and carry patients whilst keeping them safe and warm. The team also has a defibrillator, which can make a lifesaving difference to a casualty with a heart problem.

Medical kit accounts for some of our most expensive purchases, and not all of it lasts beyond fixed dates. It may save a life, and that life may be yours, so please consider supporting our medical equipment appeal by clicking here