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Surrey Search & Rescue

Search Team Member Training

The next Recruitment Assessment Day is scheduled for the 16th September 2018. 

If successful at the Assessment Day you will need to be available for an induction session on the 30th September 2018. 

If you are available for both events please continue reading.


The Search Team takes on new recruits twice a year depending on requirements. It is a very rewarding and exciting role but is not for everyone so please read this carefully before deciding to apply.

Membership of SurSAR’s Search Team is not something to be considered lightly. Joining the team will cost you time and a lot of money on kit and fuel. You will suffer inconvenience, get wet, cold, tired and find yourself in potentially dangerous situations where you will be expected to help provide safety for yourself and others.

The training schedule for Surrey Search & Rescue is fortnightly, and you will be required to attend a minimum of 15 sessions in the first 26 weeks to remain on the programme. You must be physically fit and active, and have at least a common-sense knowledge of navigation and safety/first-aid. You must also have excellent communication skills and be able to physically operate a handheld radio.

You must agree that if you accept a place on the probationary training programme and then leave within 1 year, or within 6 months of qualification, you will be liable to refund the team for the cost of any external training.

How it works:

Step 1 is to read the Rules and Regulations 'here' and Charity Constitution 'here'.

Step 2 is to complete the online application form here

Step 3 is to attend our Recruitment Assessment Day. You will be expected to display knowledge of the outdoors by wearing appropriate gear, and walking 6-miles within 2-hours, off-road on a course in the Surrey Hills. After this walk, you will be asked to partake in a series of scenarios to appraise your level of understanding of navigation, first-aid and communications. If you do not complete this hike within the given timeframe or are unable to complete the scenarios, you will be invited to join the team as a Supporter until the next intake.  Scenarios are designed to give you an idea of what you will encounter out on a search; you are not expected to be fully competent in them all but should demonstrate a willingness to get involved and to work as part of a team.

Step 4 is SurSAR checking your references, a Police background check which will expose any spent or current convictions, and asking you to sign a Code of Conduct.  You will also be interviewed, either face to face or over the phone by one of the recruitment team. 

Step 5 is to attend an induction day covering our policies & guidelines.

Step 6 will be the commencement of the formal training programme, which will last a minimum of 26 weeks, and you will be required to attend at least 15 sessions. You will be expected to develop your skills in navigation, first-aid, communications and search techniques to an acceptable level before you can become operational and attend live searches.


Membership Program